Be a Brick - Adopt a Brick ! (New info in red):
(Last updated 24-09-07)

Update :

The new, replacement bricks have now been laid in place of the originals, this time treated with what we've been told is the best material to protect them.
Legibility should hopefully now be good for many years to come !

The PATH (Park Action Toward Health) project was started by FoKP as a result of the survey carried out among residents, showing a path between Starbold Court and the Longdon Road car park entrance as a high priority desire.

The pathway is now installed, with distances marked out on it so you keen exercisers will know how far you have jogged / walked, as well as more equipment alongside to supplement your regime (or perhaps even start one?) - as an extension to the new Trim Track equipment installed during 2005 on the current path.

The money was raised via SITA (See #1 below) - who donated 20,000 - and our  'Be a Brick - Adopt a Brick !' campaign - launched via X-Mas cards to all of our members during Dec 2005, this website & via local newspapers & the Parish Magasine early in 2006.

Due to the high interest shown after the path was installed & the initial bricks were seen by everyone, we now have some interest in additional donations to permit additional bricks to be installed in the path in the future.
We are now running a "waiting" list of people interested in having bricks installed. Assuming the interest level continues to grow, we will contact everyone when interest is high enough & request donations. FoKP will then buy the bricks & arrange installation.
Please contact us if you are interested !

Donations were set at 25 for 1 brick or 20 each for 2 or more bricks. Higher value donations would of course, be gratefully received!   Double sized bricks are available, details upon request.

We will ask if you are a UK taxpayer & willing to support us claiming the benefits of Gift Aid - to recover standard income tax on your donations.

If you know any non-members who may be interested in "Adopting a brick", please let them know our contact details.

These high quality, engineering bricks will be individually engraved with black lettering with the message of your choice. They will be a long lasting legacy and a way to remember your bond to Knowle.

Suggestions for engraving might be to celebrate the birth of a child/grandchild, a special anniversary, the life of a pet, or anything that is required.
Eg : Lottie Sykes born 1992, or Pat and Mike 40 years 2006.

Your named brick(s) will be laid in areas cut out of the path in a similar way to the initial bricks

In addition to recognising your donation via your wording on the bricks, we will also highlight the names of all contributors on the Friends of Knowle Park website and within the 2006 & / or 2007 AGM minutes which are circulated to all members.

You may ask why the Council is not paying for this path. In the modern times that we now live in, with so many calls made on the Council budgets, they simply can not afford it, so self help is the order of the day.  If the community can work together, who knows what might be achieved !

 Example brick (Size is very similar to standard house bricks / driveway paving blocks) :


An application form can be downloaded here or via ringing Jill or Stephanie on Knowle 773886 or 775342
If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, you can download the often useful & free Adobe Reader from the Adobe website via this link.

Please note that if anyone does not want their donation to be publicised, we will happily oblige. Please let us know on the application form.

Notes :
#1 = SITA is a very large public recycling & waste management company who also generously give money to various projects benefiting local communities every year