History - 2003 :   

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  • December 2003 :The Council Planning decision withdrawing the October plan was confirmed by letter to some Knowle residents.

  • December 2003 : Due to the safety concerns raised in the planning meeting, the Council requested a RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) evaluation of the proposals & the park. After visiting & walking round the whole park, RoSPA confirmed that the site by the allotments was not satisfactory & that the only location meeting all safety criteria was next to the young children's play area.

  • October 2003 : Vandalism & graffiti @ the Tudor Grange skatepark hit the headlines in the local newspapers (Tudor Grange skatepark is similar to the one proposed for Knowle)

  • October 2003 : The previous Council Plan to locate the Skatepark & other youth facilities by the allotments was withdrawn @ the Planning meeting 25th Oct 2003 after local residents complained that the proposed location was unsafe, that many local residents did not want a skatepark & that there had been no consultation with the majority of local residents.

  • October 2003 : Local residents very close to Knowle Park got together & surveyed 400 homes adjacent to the park ref the Skatepark proposal. 80% did not want a skatepark (=320 people) & 17% wanted the site moving away from the main path through the park. Only 3% did not care. Letters from each of these residents were forwarded to the Council Planning Dept.

  • October 2003 : The few Knowle residents who attended the brief Open Day set up during the summer by the Council were informed that the Council was applying for planning permission for a medium size skatepark as part of the youth facilities which were for a planning decision later in October (this had not been made clear to many at the Open Day)