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  • 11 November 2004 : Local Arden Observer newspaper gives front page coverage to the Council park plans - but unfortunately the article infers Knowle Society was behind the plans by interviewing their Chairman & not mentioning FoKP's / FoKP's members substantial input to the ideas & making it happen.

  • 04 November 2004 : Council publishes details of the plans agreed for the Park in the mtg with FoKP in September - confirming that they will implement all of the top 3 ideas suggested by FoKP members (See FoKP Proposals for details of all of the FoKP member proposals & preferences).
    This is a link to their web site with the details.

    • We were originally informed their would be 3 Mini-Football pitches - so we will check why it appears to be now reduced to 2.

    • Due to lack of sufficient funding, a path between Starbold Court & Longdon Road car park - to permit a full circuit of the park - will not be possible in the short-term. The Council have however agreed to obtain an estimate of the cost so that FoKP can investigate whether we can get funding via other routes.

    • Also not mentioned in the Council info - but additional good news - is that they have agreed to seek "Green Flag" status for the park.
      This award is given to public parks & green spaces meeting certain criteria for good management, facilities & use / involvement by the local community.
      For us - the park users & local residents - this should mean further impetus to improve / maintain facilities & be helpful to gain additional funding to permit these improvements to be made.

  • 30 October 2004 : Purnells Brook Clean-up Phase 2 : 1 of the Park Rangers & various volunteers finished the cleaning up of the brook. More than 2 skip loads of debris was removed (a mixture of fallen branches, leaves & household rubbish). This is just 1 of the piles created ready for removal later

  • 20 October 2004 : Jo-Ann Williams announced as new "Patch Manager" for our area - continuing the role of liaising with local residents on all Council services - including the park (Tel. : 0121 704 6783 or see her in Knowle Library between 10~12:00 on Tuesdays). See Council web site for more details & the latest Patch Managers newsletter

  • 23 September 2004 : FoKP meeting with the Council to review their implementation proposals for changes to the park. Results very positive, actions before the end of their Financial Year ! More details will be reported shortly.

  • 18 September 2004 : Nature Day in the park / LNR handover. See Events

  • 15 September 2004 : New Member fees reduced between now & end of Jan 2005.
    Tell your friends & persuade them to join ! See Membership

  • 30 August 2004 : Brass band in the park (Shame no-one was given any warning (it was in the Solihull News on the same weekend ! & the Council website only a few days prior))

  • 17 July 2004 : Music event in the park. See Events

  • 01 July 2004 : Meeting between Council, FoKP (Knowle Society, Knowle Allotment Society & Landor Residents Association) to review Council & FoKP Park Requirements surveys & agree what will be carried out.
    Council survey identified  top 3 priorities as improvements to the nature reserve, upgrading the existing children's play area & walking trails / fitness trail (Inclusion of the nature reserve was not understood by FoKP - as the Council were originally seeking suggestions for improved youth facilities). Details of the Council survey & results can be seen via this link.
    The Council will draw up an implementation plan for the proposals by mid August.
    (We will include mtg minutes on the web site when received from the Council)

  • 10 June 2004 : Survey feedback very good to date - BUT many of you still haven't given your opinions. Please respond urgently ref the above meeting !!

  • May 2004 : Park Ranger activities update received - see Park Rangers above.

  • 26 April 2004  : Members Park idea preferences start to be received. Results to date above

  • 21 April 2004 : Potential ideas for the Council Consultation document & review of potential pros & cons circulated to members via e-mail (where e-mail address' known) or by hand. See FoKP Proposals from menu above for copy & supporting info

  • 13 April 2004 : Website modified to add Events Diary & FoKP Meeting Minutes sections (see headings @ top of page)

  • 10 April 2004 : Bank Holiday / School holiday increases use of Park - Seating areas & football options appear to be major missing features !

  • 21 March 2004 :Membership is growing fast - We achieved 150 very quickly and more are joining every week. See Membership for details of how to join

  • March 2004 : Latest update from the Park Rangers has been received. The Park Rangers have now installed over 10 bird boxes around the park - see if you can spot them all !
           - see Park Rangers

  • 02 March 2004 : Now believed that Solihull MBC have accepted that local residents do not want a skate facility in the park & will finally organise a full consultation to identify actual needs.

  • February 2004 : The Park Rangers have kindly volunteered to provide brief articles relating to their Knowle Park activities - see Park Rangers.

  • 23 February 2004 : The Society's inaugural AGM was held in the Village Hall. A significant number of new members joined. The Society's Constitution was adopted, Committee elected & various suggestions for Park improvements discussed. Meeting minutes & the Constitution will be added to the website by 1st week of March.

  • February 2004 : A meeting was held with the Council (Early Feb) to clarify the latest Council plan for the park, which now puts the skatepark near to the children’s play area & suggests that the planning decision was only "deferred" - NOT withdrawn as stated by the letters to residents.
    It seems to have been decided by the Council that the youth facility must include the skatepark or there is no youth facility !
    This issue will be vigorously contested and readers / members will be kept informed.

  • January 2004 : Solihull Council release a new plan, relocating the skatepark & other youth facilities to the area by the tennis courts & young children's play area - directly facing the entrance from Lodge Road. Visual impact of new proposal likely to be significant based on Tudor Grange skatepark.. The Council text description of the changes can be seen via the following link.