FoKP Proposals / Ideas for the Park :
(Last updated =16-03-07)

  1. That users / local residents are consulted about their ideas for the park.
    320 of the 400 residents surveyed in late 2003 did not want the Council proposed skatepark, but many had good alternative ideas (see below) - The need for consultation was finally accepted by the Council in March 2004.

  2. The Society will help raise funds for facilities all users would like - if necessary due to Council funding issues or where the Society may obtain grant aid unavailable to the Council.

  3. Ideas from residents include the growing list below the table (Please e-mail us if you have additional ideas). Top 4 Preferences identified by members via our survey during 2004 year as table immediately below. These survey results were the basis of the very positive work with the Council since September 2004

  Members Survey Wishes (Top 4 preferences for additions to the park) :
 1 = Mini Football goalposts - Now installed, but temporarily removed for refurbishment
 2 = Trim Track (Fitness Trail)
- 4 items now installed
 3 = Upgrade the Playground (Add facilities for older children) - Completed
 4 = Bark path between Starbold Court & Longdon Road park entrances
- Tarmac path now installed courtesy of SITA & local residents
Preferences 2, 3 & 4 are all very close in the ratings !

We've attached links to photos or other websites with supporting info where available in the list below. The full list of ideas from members / residents is at the end.

1 - Mini Football (Example @ Hockley Heath) - Installed

+  Moveable goalposts will reduce wear & tear in 1 spot.
+  Avoids need to improvise with coats, bikes etc
+  Encourages more children to play in the park.
+  No adverse impact on aesthetics of the park.
Minimal noise impact

2 - Update Playground - Installed :

+  More interesting things for children to do.
+  No adverse impact on aesthetics of the park.

3 - Upgrade Playground - Now Agreed by the Council :

+  Provide things for older children.
+  Mums happier as they don't need to take children further afield to Warwick etc
+  No adverse impact on aesthetics of the park.

4 - Informal seating around the Park (Using logs - maybe in groups) - Installed:

+  Encourages more people of all ages to use the park
+  Aesthetically & ecologically fits

5 - Tables & seats (Outside the Playground) - Installed :

+  Could be used by people of all ages. E.g. parents with children for picnics, parents while watching children in the Playground, Office workers at lunchtime.
-  Rubbish created, therefore more local litterbins required.

6 - Trim Track (sometimes known as Pathfinder / Fitness trail etc) - 4 Items Installed, more to come ! :
(Near to Purnells Brook side of park )(Example supplier website showing typical equipment)

+  Family fun for all ages
+  No adverse impact on aesthetics of the park.
+  Encourages people to improve health
+  Encourages more people of all ages to use the park

7 - Football / Basketball "Mugger" / "Slam" wall (Example @ Shirley Park):
        (Next to Playground - due to previous RoSPA guidance)

+  Provides activity and exercise for a few children
+  Vandal & graffiti resistant.
-  Noise of balls bouncing against metal backing screen & tarmac / concrete base (Can be heard / seen in action at Bentley Heath Recreation Ground)
-  Provides activity only for limited quantity of children (much less eg than mini-football)
-  Very large structure & bright obtrusive colours not in keeping with very rural seating of the park (8~9 feet high & floor area approx size of a tennis court)

8 - Youth Shelter (Examples @ Shirley Park & Hockley Heath) :

+  Focal point for children / teenagers.
-  Very limited seating capacity.
-  Likely to attract vandalism, graffiti & litter (latter possibly addressed with additional litter bins)
-  Potential to be unattractive in rural park setting

9 - Bark path between Starbold Court & Longdon Road park entrances - Tarmac path installed (Tarmac to enable pushchair etc use) :
    (Parallel to Purnells Brook)

+  Permits walking all the way round the park
+  No adverse impact on aesthetics of the park

Full list of suggestions made by many people (including children) :

  1. A skate facility is NOT NEEDED (facilities already exist within easy distance in Tudor Grange, Arden School / Youth Centre & Bentley Heath) – re-inforced by the 400 letters sent to the Council by residents surveyed by FoKP.

  2. Mini / 5-a-side football pitches with movable posts secured in ground with locks, that can be moved by Park Rangers when ground gets muddy / over used, perhaps about three sites. (More posts should prevent the need to use bikes & clothes as goals ! ). Example @ Hockley Heath

  3. Replace worn equipment and upgrade current children’s play area to accommodate equipment for older children - whose mothers state that they at the moment have to take children to Warwick or Stratford, but would like to have facilities in Knowle Park. Examples of potential additions include climbing frame / nets, larger slide etc.

  4. Keep existing goal mouth / posts.

  5. Notice board(s) informing residents about wild-life they could expect to see in the Park at different times of the year. Updated by Park Rangers.

  6. Notice boards at entrances giving information on future Park events, how to contact the Park Rangers, submit ideas for improvements / repairs etc.

  7. Further fencing improvements to ensure that Allotments are secure from vandals – to prevent repeat of last year’s extensive damage.

  8. Cinder / wood bark path on Purnells brook side of Park (from Starbold Court up to Longdon Rd.) to create circuit around the Park for joggers or walkers (should be cheaper & blend into the surroundings better than tarmac). This is shown on the Council plan

  9. Informal seating / meeting areas around the Park. Eg using cut logs to blend in & circular seating around the base of the Ash trees near tennis courts where youngsters already congregate.

  10. Sign-posting to the Park from Warwick Rd & from village centre to increase “visibility” / use of Park by passers-by / temporary visitors to Knowle.

  11. Many parents agreed that a top priority would be to fund lighting on the current Arden School astroturf - so a whole variety of youth activities can take place after school, with supervision & preventing need to transport children to other venues in & out of the Borough

Suggestions made by few people & / or with some concerns / potential adverse impact requiring consultation :

  1. Cleanup of the pond & Purnell’s Brook & make area surrounding the pond more attractive (Pond & surrounding area are in the Council plans). Some concerns have been raised about potential adverse impact on wildlife in pond & wooded area - but this should be manageable with the planned involvement of various environmental / ecological experts. Brook clean completed. Pond partially cleared, remainder in another year

  2. An area next to the playground for playing football games / Mini basketball / netball on all weather surface (As facility now in Bentley Heath Park)
    Noise however could be a problem if sited close to housing. See below.
    Council suggestions for a football “slam” wall have generated concerns about noise - if sited close to local houses – based on residents previous long term experience of the use of the walls of the old toilet block being used as a slam wall, probably because of lack of goalposts. Example "Slam wall" @ Shirley Park

  3. Trim track – possibly on Purnell’s Brook side of Park.

NB : The Council had intended to remove the current single pair of football posts as they thought they were no longer required !