AGM Minutes (meeting 23-02-04)                                               Last updated 08-12-07

Location : Knowle Village Hall

Apologies :

  1. Introduction :

    The Acting Chairman Andy Finch opened the meeting by welcoming the approx 30 people attending – nearly all of whom joined on the night. The broad outlines of FoKP were stated and the Acting Committee introduced.


  2. Election of the Executive Committee :

It was decided that the election of the committee would be item 2.

That the existing acting officers were elected was proposed and seconded and the executive committee was therefore elected by a full show of hands from the members present.

There were some questions from the floor at this point, which were responded to before moving through the agenda.

There was some discussion about the role of the Friends of Knowle Park, following a question from the floor. The committee were asked whether they were "just a group of NIMBY's (Not in My Back Yard) who want to just walk their dogs and are not interested in new facilities for youngsters".

Andy Finch explained that, as per the constitution, the FoKP were committed to supporting the maintenance and development of the park for all users, particularly the young. Andy explained that the FoKP committee were keen to improve the park's youth facilities, but felt that there had been inadequate consultation or evidence provided by SMBC to date, to justify that the proposals recently submitted would be of wide appeal or in keeping with the park's nature.

  1. Objectives & Constitution :

    There was also a proposal that the constitution be broadened to include all age groups rather than just young people. This was agreed by the committee.

    ACTION : Amend Constitution para 3.2 prior to signature by Committee members - SM


  2. Finance & Membership :

    The finance report included an update on the number of members to date and the securing of resource to enable the bat and bird boxes to be made and installed around the park.

    ACTION : Encourage larger membership – All members.


  3. Update of Latest Park Plans :

    An update from RC gave an explanation of the current skatepark proposal following the November RoSPA visit which gave the site near the play area and tennis courts as the only available site from health and safety aspect. Some concern about tree root damage was expressed and further lively discussion about the merits of both the siting and the need for a skateboard facility ensued.


  4. Public Forum :

Some history of previous council meetings indicated that the children who were consulted and said they wanted a skatepark, did, in fact, come from the youth club skateboarders.

Concern about ‘railroading’ by the council was expressed.

It was pointed out by a member of Knowle Society that they did in fact know all about both the consultation and proposal some time ago.

Concern was expressed about the accuracy of the RoSPA assessment but it was felt that this was unlikely to be repeated as it was an expensive exercise and they are considered the experts in H & S issues.

Future plans suggested for young people were outlined including; basketball, mini-football, and a meeting area with seating. It was suggested that this could be logs - as that would be an aesthetically pleasing addition to the park.

It was explained that the youth club could extend their skateboarding facility with more resources.

The difficulties of communication and meetings with the council were explained and any encouragement from the members was welcomed positively.

The members present proposed that a statement should be put forward to the council.

This could be :

ACTION : Inform Council of FoKP position - Committee

Concern re the ecology of the pond was raised, if clearing was to go ahead. RC explained that any work that the TA may help with, would only be done under the supervision of the council ecology expert and Park Rangers.

The clearing of the brook was discussed and willing volunteers sought to help the Park Rangers, there was a good response to this from the members.

ACTION : Inform members when date(s) known - Committee

A member asked about the opening up of the brook as shown in the initial Council plans, it was explained that the concept plans have now changed again and would probably be changed again following any consultation - so a definitive answer could not be given.

  1. Schedule of Future Meetings :

    The Chairman stated that the times and dates of future meetings will depend on the membership and will be scheduled and members notified.


  2. Any Other Business :



  3. Close