AGM 2005 - Minutes of meeting 16-02-05                                               Last updated 08-12-07

Location : Knowle Village Hall

Apologies        - D.Baxter
                       - S.Jarman
                       - S.Bunch
1.      Introduction.
The Chairman, Andy Finch, opened the meeting and welcomed those present  He introduced the committee and presented his annual report, copies of which were circulated to all.
2.      Finance & Membership.
The finance report was given and copies circulated. This included the number of members and any extra resources secured to date.
3.      Update of park plans
The plan to install a new path alongside Purnell's Brook was discussed, together with ways to fund this, as it was not part of the Councils planned expenditure. It was decided to try and obtain firm prices from the Local Authority for a new path and extras such as markings, fitness equipment and further seating alongside Purnell's Brook.
It was agreed that FoKP would spend the year concentrating on and fundraising for the total amount necessary for path and fitness equipment.
4.      Public Forum
The meeting was opened up to members for questions and answers/comments.  A number of very positive suggestions were made and agreed to be considered by all. These included:

Some concerns about the park were raised by the members for FoKP to raise with the council on their regular meetings.
These were;

Different ways of fundraising methods were suggested and it was agreed to consider these.
One member offered to provide stands for stalls if needed by FoKP - this offer was gratefully accepted.
5.      Future Meetings
It was again agreed that future meetings would be held as necessary
6.      Any Other Business
Meeting closed