AGM 2006 - Minutes of meeting 16-03-06                                               Last updated 08-12-07

Location : Knowle Village Hall

Attendees : J Rear 	A Finch	R Chape	J Chape	S Muir 	S Owen	S Jarman 	M Hinton	J Potts
Apologies :	 P Muir	S Fell	J Fell

1. Introduction.
The Chairman, Andy Finch, opened the meeting and welcomed those present. He introduced the committee and presented his annual report, copies of which were circulated to all.

2. Finance & Membership.
The finance report was given and copies circulated. This included the number of members and any extra resources secured to date.

3. Update of park plans.
There was discussion about the official opening of the new path and around the building of a new bridge to link the Park to the LNR area. The plans for seeking funding and materials were discussed and the decision that this would be the next project for FoKP was agreed.

4. Public Forum
The meeting was not well attended but names were sought for election to the committee. 
The interest and help already shown, led to Sue Owen being proposed and subsequently elected to the committee as Events Co-ordinator.
All other committee members were re-elected.
The discussion then considered the Path opening.

Stella Jarman gave a report to the group about the new conservation group formed.  It was agreed that we would help ‘spread the word’ to all interested.

5.	Future Meetings
It was again agreed that future meetings would be held as necessary
6.	Any Other Business
Meeting closed