AGM 2007 - Minutes of meeting 25-10-07                                               Last updated 08-12-07

Location : Knowle Village Hall


Committee : A. Finch     R. Chape     J. Chape     S. Muir   P Muir   S Fell    S Owen
J. Rear  (Honorary President)

Membership – as listed @ end of minutes

Apologies:   Gill Morgan           

Introduction & Chairman’s Report

The Chairman, Andy Finch, opened the meeting and welcomed those present.  Following introductions, he spelt out the purpose of the AGM, which is to give a report of the current year’s activities and to set out the organisational objectives for the following year.

The minutes of the previous AGM were distributed and agreed by all present.

Copies of the Chairman’s report were distributed and the Chairman went through these, highlighting the main points.

A vote of thanks for the hard work of the committee and its achievements was forwarded by member, Mr R Lee and seconded by Cllr. J Potts.

The Chairman, on behalf of all the committee, gave a formal thank-you to member Mr M Warr for his hard work in obtaining new members.

1.      Finance & Membership.

The finance report was given and copies circulated. This included the number of members and the significant extra income generated to fund the PATH & bridge projects – both of which have been very positively received by Park users.

The membership was asked to & confirmed acceptance of the treasurer’s report.

2.      Charity Commission Registration status

Paul Muir briefly explained the process required to obtain registered status and the reason why this was now necessary.

The main reason being the increased financial income during the previous year surpassing the minimum for registration. However, benefits include enabling the group to reclaim the Gift Aid Tax back more easily – to further increase available funds.

The Chairman extended a formal thank-you to Paul for undertaking all the work necessary for the group to obtain registered status.

As part of the process, Paul explained that some minor Constitution changes were needed in order to fulfil the Charity Commission’s criteria & to reflect the changed Financial Year to make collecting subscriptions easier.

Copies of the changes were circulated & explained in detail and the membership was asked to formally accept these changes.

Cllr. Jeff Potts proposed acceptance of the changes and was seconded by Mr Phil Vince, the committee accepted this as formal acceptance of said changes on behalf of the membership.

3.      Election of Committee Members

It was proposed by the Vice-Chairman that there would be an additional new role of Membership Secretary – to help reduce individual Committee members workload. It was confirmed that no interest had been received prior to the meeting by the current Committee & the members present confirmed there were no volunteers for any of the existing Committee roles.

Jim Fell volunteered for the role of Membership Sec..

As the present committee were all prepared to continue in post if wanted, they were duly re-elected with the addition of Jim Fell into the Membership Sec role.

Role                            Name                                     

Chair                           Andrew Finch                                              

Vice Chair                   Richard Chape                                 

Treasurer                    Jill Chape                        

Secretary                    Stephanie Muir                                   

Membership Sec.        Jim Fell                                         

Ordinary members            Sue Owen, Sue Fell & Paul Muir

There was a suggestion by R Chape that a sub committee be formed to deal with the festival, this was agreed although there were no names given at the meeting. This will be confirmed later.

4.      Any Other Business


The formal part of the meeting was closed.

Public Forum

The membership was asked for its views and ideas for future projects in the park.

There was a lengthy discussion about the amount of ‘street’ furniture all clustered around the Lodge Road entrance to the park and it was agreed that FoKP would meet with the Council to find ways to improve this.

The positioning of the flag post (for the Green Flag) was also discussed and the reasons given for the siting were accepted.

There were a number of suggestions about the feasibility of getting directly involved with young people using the park, although it was explained that the need for CRB checks for individual activities made this quite difficult but that the CRB check requirements would be evaluated / discussed with the SMBC.

It was agreed that FoKP would promote activities undertaken by the Park Rangers on the website.

Other suggestions included:

·         A stall at Knowle Primary School fete 2008

·         Calendar making competition

·         Selling calendar

·         Firework display in Nov 2008

·         Treasure Hunt

·         Grow a sunflower competition

·         Teddy bears picnic

·         Arden school band to play in the park at the Festival

·         Carol singing

·         A notice in local doctor’s surgeries promoting the activities of FoKP.

The well-attended meeting ended on a very positive note and the next AGM was set for Sept/Oct 2008.  Actual date to be notified later.

Membership attendees :

Mr & Mrs Brunt

Mr & Mrs Bunclark

Mrs Cauldwell

Mr & Mrs Ellerslie

Mrs Hinton

Mr & Mrs Lee

Cllr Potts

Mr & Mrs Steyn

Mrs Topham-Steele

Mr Vince

Mr Warr

Mrs Warner